Impacts of international education in community environments

Introduction The expanding presence of internationalising institutions in cities and towns is typically accompanied by developing physical infrastructure, service provision and strategic relationships. In this context, multiple dimensions of engagement imply potential and actual impacts on communities and social relationships. These might include teaching and learning practices that facilitate cultural understandings and interactions, the effects […]

What happens if something happens?

A reflection on professional development We promote international education as a critical industry: ‘one of the five super growth sectors contributing to Australia’s transition from a resources-based to a modern services economy.’[1] On the ground, we encourage our international students to seek help and advice on everything from accommodation, academic study, to careers and visa […]

Professional development: has anything changed?

Back in 2003, I presented this paper at the 17th IDP Australian International Education Conference in Melbourne, Australia. In 2017, international education professionals might wonder what has changed in professional development.  Towards Best Practice in International Education: Staff Training and Professional Development Abstract For some years, professional development programs for staff working in international education […]

Bringing the World to Melbourne

Bringing the World to Melbourne: International Students and the Making of a City  This is a summary paper and revised version of a presentation to the ISANA VicTas State Conference, Melbourne, 9 September 2016* An international student recently observed that, ‘We bring the world to Melbourne’, to describe her contribution (and that of her peers) […]

Beyond the campus : student engagement and community responses.

Beyond the campus : student engagement and community responses. In ‘Making a difference : Australian international education’ edited by Dorothy Davis and Bruce Mackintosh (2011), pages 338-364. Sydney : University of New South Wales Press. This chapter considers the ways in which international students have engaged with and been supported by services and programs outside […]

Engaging with education agents in international student support.

Abstract Education agents are a significant group in delivering education and services to international students. They are contracted by providers with responsibilities under the ESOS Act to ensure information, advice and professional behaviour meet quality standards. Agents are frequently involved in liaising with parents and providers after a student has commenced study, and are therefore […]

Setting Standards for International Student Support

Abstract The substance of this paper was delivered at the 2007 Australian International Education Conference in Melbourne, and presented as a stimulus for discussion about practical approaches to the issues of international student support management. This later version contains additional material that reflects the discussion and panel presentations at the AIEC session. The impetus for […]

Friendship : its contribution to identity formation of international students.

Friendship : its contribution to identity formation of international students. Clayton Vic: Monash University. MEdSt. 1999. 105p. Includes bibliographical references.   Abstract This MEd thesis has developed from an interest in the intercultural friendships which develop in Australian universities. Relationships flourish, or not, temporarily or permanently, as people come and go. In the course of […]