Beyond the campus : student engagement and community responses.

Beyond the campus : student engagement and community responses. In ‘Making a difference : Australian international education’ edited by Dorothy Davis and Bruce Mackintosh (2011), pages 338-364. Sydney : University of New South Wales Press.

This chapter considers the ways in which international students have engaged with and been supported by services and programs outside regular academic and student support systems. It provides a background to the environment in which international students operate, and which supports non-academic needs and expectations. This environment is populated by a wide range of cultural groups, community organisations and networks, some of them created by international students themselves, and others which have adapted and responded to their presence. These assist students to make connections between campus life and community support services, and with formal agencies such as police and local council services. They include organisations focused on welfare services, student health and accommodation. Prior to the introduction of full tuition fees for overseas students, a framework was developed for international student support, and a culture of welcome and assistance for newcomers unfamiliar with the Australian environment emerged.

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