torquay_0100_rI have been working in the field of international education since 1992, teaching, developing and delivering curriculum and international student support programs. I have enjoyed managing international education projects, working in educational administration, researching, as well as writing policy and submissions. My major projects involve initiating professional development for international education staff and training education agents working with international students. I led the development of the International Student Leadership Program, online training for international student representatives.

I have a particular interest in the history and development of international education in Australia, specifically the experience of international students and their representative organisations.

In 2016 I completed my Doctoral studies at the University of Queensland, researching the contribution of international students in the City of Melbourne. My thesis abstract, “Bringing the World to Melbourne: Transnationalism, Agency and Contributions of International Students to Making a City, 2000-2010″ can be found here.